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HZG-50 industrial pipe making machine⎝⎛必赢真人娱乐⎞⎠ > Industrial pipe welding machine series> HZG-50 industrial pipe making machine
  • 不锈钢管焊管机
  • 不锈钢管焊管机
  • 不锈钢管焊管机
  • 不锈钢管焊管机

Stainless steel pipe welding machine

    Application range

    Automotive: Exterior parts, hot-installed parts
    Kitchen equipment: sink, gas stove, refrigerator
    For steel pipes: structural pipes, row pipes
    Chemical equipment: heat exchanger tubes, chemical industrial stoves
    Transportation equipment: containers, railway vehicles
    Electrical appliances: washing machine, dryer, microwave oven, etc.
product description

product description

1. Stainless steel industrial control pipe machine:
It is mainly used for industrial stainless steel pipes. Due to the mature technology of stainless steel welded pipes, seamless pipes have been made in many fields. Used in heat exchangers, sanitary pipes for fluid pipes, automobile exhaust pipes, petrochemicals, construction materials, steel pipes, chemical equipment, etc.
2. Industrial control pipe machine features:
It has high precision, stable performance, high yield, full automation, simple operation, durable, sturdy machine, continuous production, high efficiency, less material waste, and low production cost.
3. Automated production process:
After uncoiling, cleaning device, feed guide, forming, welding, inner welding and leveling, outer welding seam grinding, shaping and sizing, solid solution treatment, final sizing, straightening, flaw detection, coding, sizing, cutting Roll), continuous forming process such as material receiving, fine structure, easy operation

We provide customers with comprehensive pipe production lines and product solutions for the production of high standards of welded pipe products in accordance with American Standards ASTM A249, A269, A270, A312 and GB151, GB12771, HG-20537.1-4, DIN German Standard and ISO . Comprehensive services for sharing production processes with customers and providing factory planning solutions.

Main configuration:

Uncoiler, forming welding section, welding seam leveling, welding seam grinding section, initial sizing section, bright solid solution, sizing straightening section, pipe cutting machine, output cutting platform.


The production line control system is: intelligent high-precision PLC control, man-machine display, simple operation, easy to use, safe and reliable.

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