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Zhijin type bright solid solution equipment⎝⎛必赢真人娱乐⎞⎠ > Bright solution series> Zhijin bright solution equipment
  • 光亮固溶设备
  • 光亮固溶设备
  • 光亮固溶设备
  • 光亮固溶设备

Bright solid solution equipment

    Application range

    Pipe diameter: ∮6mm-114mm
    Materials: 300 series austenite, 400 series ferrite, duplex steel and titanium alloy
    Power: 60KW ------ 600KW
    Note: Match the power of the power supply according to the pipe diameter, wall thickness and production speed.
product description

The annealing of a steel pipe is a heat treatment method in which the steel is heated to a temperature at which a phase change or a partial phase change occurs, and then slowly cooled after the heat preservation.

The purpose of annealing is to eliminate structural defects, improve the organization to homogenize the composition and refine the grains, improve the mechanical properties of steel, reduce residual stress; at the same time, it can reduce hardness, improve plasticity and toughness, and improve cutting performance.

HGL-N series intelligent bright solid solution equipment is a new product developed by our company. Based on energy-saving bright solid solution equipment, this equipment enhances product safety and intelligent control.

1. Tunnel moving-when the equipment is running, when the steel pipe encounters abnormal resistance in the tunnel, the tunnel moves, triggers the switch, shuts down the entire line, and protects the equipment;
2. Real-time oxygen monitoring-When the equipment is running, the oxygen content in the tunnel is monitored in real time to ensure operation under safe conditions;
3. Ignition and flame monitoring-the tail gas is automatically ignited, the flame is monitored in real time for abnormal flameout, and the alarm is automatically issued;
4. Tunnel pressure monitoring-When the equipment is running, the hydrogen in the tunnel is over-pressurized and the pressure is automatically released within the safe pressure range.
5. Horizontal movement of equipment-when production does not require solution treatment, it can be easily moved horizontally
6, automatic compensation seal-to prevent gas leakage.

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